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Pirámides de Güimar Premium Experience



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Pirámides de Güimar Premium Experience – No residents

Premium Experience: Enjoy unlimited access to all our exhibitions. You can see the pyramids, visit our Museum, Auditorium, Outdoor Routes, Sustainable Garden, Poison Garden and the exhibition Colonizing Polynesia.

Visit the Piramides de Guimar and discover the fascinating Step Pyramids right here in Tenerife.
With structures similar to those found in Mexico, Sicily, Polynesia and Peru, explore the history, culture and origins of these unusual structures with astronomical links to the Summer and Winter Solstices.
The park was created by the renowned Norweigan researcher Thor Heyerdahl to protect and continue to study the pyramids.
The gardens are one of the most attractive features of the Park, with more than 30 species of Canarian plants and featuring a Cultural Route and a Volcanic Route to explore.
The park also includes an auditórium, museum and artisan centre with a cafetería where you can enjoy panaromic views of the pyramids.
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